An Introduction to the Blog

Open the curtains!

Well, here goes nothing. I’m going to give this a serious try and maintain a website through which I will be hosting my poetry. Many of these works will be older material that have been shared before but need a new home. Others will be new. Further material has yet to come! The inspiration is always flowing and I intend to keep up on it no matter what. This is what I want to dedicate myself towards at the present time; no half measures are going to be given here.

So, to those that read: what is there to expect? Primarily, I will be using this outlet to post poetry from my personal catalogue. Through this, I want to try and reach a broader audience, sharing my creations with others, talking with viewers, and so on. Being able to get more people involved in music and checked out reviews would be a nice bonus! All in all, I want to keep at a passion of mine by providing a sort of obligation of sorts. It is going to be an objective of mine to keep this blog alive and thriving. I have started multiple story ideas, game concepts, and other creative ventures, only to abandon them over time through loss of motivation. Having a website to tend to will presumably keep me more in check than usual. This has helped me stay on top of music and reviewing due to my responsibilities as a contributor; I intend to replicate the same behavior here, if possible.

Anyone that decides to visit is so very appreciated from the bottom of my heart. Poems for me are an expression of my purest form of self, where I have nothing but honesty for the page that receives my words. If you so choose to partake in reading any of these instances of myself being split open, you have made my day. If you enjoy or find some meaning in anything I create, you have floored me, because that’s all an artist can ever hope to do, even for a relative amateur like myself.

I’ll cut myself off now before I ramble too long, but rambling may happen! I want to use this as a creative space for writing that doesn’t focus on reviewing. Maybe my personal musings will be here, or maybe I’ll drop short stories (very short!) or what have you. The bottom line is this: I am going to use this to try and push my writing to the next level. I greatly appreciate anyone that’s along for the journey!

❤ Mitch