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Welcome to my personal prose exhibition! I have been involved in the pursuit of writing for years, but I have generally kept them to myself. With this website, I hope to present my works, both old and new, in order to share them with others. I hope you enjoy what you read! All the support is greatly appreciated.

Fix Me Up, Darling!

Dimly lit cause & effect scenarios. Invisible hand guiding. Shapeshifters of fluctuating fantasy. Cyclical lack of drama to salvage the twilight when the doldrums await in the morning as they always have and always will. Escape to an escapade, disguises handed liberally, history abused sufficiently, drained of potential impermanence. It sits in the bed toContinue reading “Fix Me Up, Darling!”

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I’ve been writing poetry since about my 8th grade year at school. Since then, it’s been a consistent tool I use in order to express my feelings in a manner that has been very therapeutic to me. Toying with words, phrases, imagery, and so on is such a joy! I’ve done my best to keep at my poetry throughout my life and try to write on a somewhat consistent basis.

Outside of these endeavors, I am an avid appreciator of music. I devote significant time to listening to new releases, following artists, and checking in to see what’s trending. Music is an incredible art, and something I certainly enjoy writing about!

No matter what the objective is, I am always looking to write about something. Putting out the best material I am capable of and giving the greatest effort each time is my personal goal. It’s all up from here!

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