The Poetry of Mitch Worden

Welcome to my personal poetry exhibition! I have been involved in the pursuit of writing poems for years, but I have generally kept them to myself. With this website, I hope to present my works, both old and new, in order to share them with others. I hope you enjoy what you read! All the support is appreciated.

Modern Decay Story

Not closer and no sooner. Sitting on the curbside of expectation, glancing back at brick-and-mortar dreams; all of the stillborn schemes we could never recover. No better and worse off, parading out exhausted, familiar jokes, seeing fate in future dates several steps behind, where thirtysomething is where life proceeds to halt. Resting to laugh itContinue reading “Modern Decay Story”

Sprint in the Stillness

Engulfed in constancy. The unwritten intangible prods at pillars. Flesh trembles at verbal shells, sawing courage into dust. Widening eyes versus narrowing trails. The aggressor blinks last. A dropped guard at an ill time, victimized by decision, in reverberating consequence for indecision. Dissolved views, elusive to grasp, careening for the gutter. Crumpled paper ideas. BraveryContinue reading “Sprint in the Stillness”

Open Palm to Psalm Zero, Eviction Notice Chant

What a pretty portrait to paint on a Sunday. Wine red in artery lines. Wipe it clean over the canvas. Delightful! Achieving the dismal. Becoming dismalism. Resurrect in a week’s middle to end. Axe’s grind requires a feast. Feed the engine the entrails of dreams forgotten, dismantled surgically in the realism lens. Congratulations on nothing!Continue reading “Open Palm to Psalm Zero, Eviction Notice Chant”

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About Me!

I’ve been writing poetry since about my 8th grade year at school. Since then, it’s been a consistent tool I use in order to express my feelings in a manner that has been very therapeutic to me. Toying with words, phrases, imagery, and so on is such a joy! I’ve done my best to keep at my poetry throughout my life and try to write on a somewhat consistent basis.

Outside of these endeavors, I am an avid appreciator of music. Currently, I write for Sputnikmusic.com as a contributing reviewer. My specialty revolves around covering records that ordinarily would receive little attention.

No matter what the objective is, I am always looking to write about something. Putting out the best material I am capable of and giving the greatest effort each time is my personal goal. It’s all up from here!

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